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The course of the construction of warehouse hall CZ0757

“From the very beginning of the design, through production to final assembly, the project literally surpassed all our expectations. A pleasant surprise for us was the fact that the builders were able and willing to work even at temperatures well below freezing. Above all, thanks to their approach, the deadline for completion was not postponed, which was very important to us, given further commitments.”

Josef Vondráček, Warehouse building CZ0757


Andrzej Wieżel, Owner, Production buildings PL2566/2567/3807/3813/3819

«I was surprised that everything fitted with an accuracy of one millimeter in a steel building that was 80 m long and 20 m wide, where each and every element is cut and perforated at the manufacturing stage –  at least that’s what my colleague said. It was hard for me to believe, because I knew from my own experience that with such structures, sometimes a small mistake is enough to produce a chain of errors. The building was erected within two weeks, which was also a very important factor for me. Of course, we also considered proposals from other companies specializing in steel and brick buildings; however, LLENTAB’s offer was the most cost-effective and had the shortest completion period.  I believe that experimenting with another company simply wouldn’t make sense.»


The construction of a fertiliser storage facility in Hostouň

The completed building precisely met our expectations. The entire collaboration, from design to production and the actual construction, ran smoothly based on written and verbal conditions agreed in advance with the LLENTAB sales rep. We will return to LLENTAB again with our next planned project.”

Milan Novotný, owner, Agriculture building CZ0712


When our father first mentioned LLENTAB, we thought about a classic steel building with a saddle roof. We wanted a flexible solution to grow with; expansion opportunities are important to us. But we also had demands on the appearance, a stylish design and a creative environment to reflect the business – clean, stylish, white and high quality. And we must say we haven’t seen a better looking LLENTAB building (Linda and Fredric are continuously smiling). We were very pleased with LLENTAB throughout the process and felt very confident. Thanks to their professional staff, flexible solutions and good references, LLENTAB really succeeded with the project as a whole.


Linda Ericson, Vice President and Marketing Manager at Oscar Medtec & Fredric Ericson, CEO of Oscar Medtec, Office building SE1651


PSK Arena – LLENTAB ice hockey stadium

The hall from LLENTAB met all of our expectations. It is light, galvanised and was built quickly at the best price. The company’s attitude was highly professional, and all problems at the site were immediately resolved. The hall was handed over on time in excellent quality. We appreciated their accommodating approach and the fact that they completed the connecting hallway once the hall was completed. There’s no question we’ll turn again to LLENTAB for our next hall.

Ján Kentoš, investor, Sport building SK0158

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