Assembly process of the storage hall CZ0728

Video from the assembly of the hall for the BÁŇSKÁ STAVEBNÍ SPOLEČNOST, s.r.o.

The course of the construction of the hall for BÁŇSKÁ STAVEBNÍ SPOLEČNOST, s.r.o. in Sokolov [50°10’02″N 12°38’00″E]. Hall dimension 39.9 * 147.4 * 7.4m. The hall was completed on 3rd December, 2015.

Pre-assembly of roof modules – erection of supporting posts of steel structure – lifting of roof modules – installation of roof covering – installation of wall cladding.

This is a partially isolated warehouse. Because of the fire distances, one longitudinal wall and half the lengths of the two shield walls are insulated. The hall is based on pilots, and prefabricated plinths after the construction of the steel structure are used up to the height of + 0.400m. The hall has a rectangular shape (40.0m x 147.4m). The interior layout is divided by two fire walls, which divide the area of the hall flat into three equal parts. In all three parts, one large LLENTAB sliding gate with top travel (4.0 m x 5.0 m) is fitted, along with escape rotating doors.

The roof cladding is non-insulated, made of galvanized TP46 trapezoidal sheet. The non-insulated wall cladding is made of zinc-coated VP45 trapezoidal sheet, the insulated wall sections are folded (LLENTAB wall type 4), the filling is a mineral insulation with vapor-proof foil, and then the wall is folded by an inner profiled galvanized sheet from the interior. A horizontal sandwich panel with mineral filler is used on the dividing fire partitions. Colors: roof RAL 7035, walls RAL 9007 + green stripes RAL 6003.